Cheers to life

Adventures of a 25 year old. Confusing? Yes. Complicated? Most definitely. Goal? To live, survive, and conquer!

Amen to that

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'My life will get better? You really believe that?' I ask.
‘It can. If you’re willing to do the work.’
‘What work?’
‘Not letting the world destroy you. That’s a daily battle.’
Matthew Quick, Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock (via quoted-books)


Becoming an adult is strange. It’s like the slow and steady process of growing from a child to a teenager; there isn’t a set date or event that marks it but just a steady becoming and unbecoming. You start to accept things that you can’t change more easily (especially yourself), start to get used…

I am turning 25 in July, scary thought. I feel so so soooo….not young. Therefore, I’ve decided to make a tumblr filled with my adventures/misadventures.

What will this blog be about? Well the challenges of post grad life, seeking independence, trials of being in my 20s, being a “millennial,” love, heartaches, and other stuff related to 20 - somethings

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